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Chimney cleaning is something everyone needs at some point and time if you own a fireplace or wood stove. You will too…
Our Hassle free, fast chimney cleaning means your fireplace or wood stove will be clean and work safe, MY GUARANTEED! My company does Chimney Cleaning in Raleigh. We use skilled tradesmen. Our chimney cleaners are the best trained in the industry. Our Goal is to always get your chimney clean. Cleaned chimneys, fireplaces and wood stoves work great, smell fresher, and looks like new again. We Guarantee the cleanest fireplace chimney ever. First Time, Every Time…! Our trained technicians clean with a powerful cleaning.
We Help People With:
  • Chimney Sweep
  • Fireplace Cleaning
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Fireplace Repair
  • Wood Stove Cleaning
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
Chimney Cleaning
At Raleigh Chimney cleaning we use the most advanced cleaning system, which will remove soot from your chimney and restore your chimney look.
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Our specially trained and certified Raleigh dryer vent cleaners have expertise in many difficult to clean vents.
Heat and Air Duct Cleaning
Raleigh air duct cleaning certified technicians have all the experience and training to remove harmful contaminants from your house. Our vacuum and Sweep machine systems pulls air duct pollutants into a sealed filtration system so good that it is capable of capturing debris smaller that diameter of a hair.
Emergency and Restoration Services
We are available 24 hours, seven days a week. Call Raleigh, North Carolina – (919) 285-2153
Here Is What My Customers Are Saying…
Ron Nichols provided service the same day I called at a super competitive rate. He is friendly and knowledgeable and did a awesome job cleaning my dryer vent. Beth C. – Wake Forest, NC
Yes fantastic service! The call back from CMR was immediate. Ron was more thorough than any service company I have ever used and I’m old. Good fair pricing. I am VERY, VERY pleased! Karen O. – Cary, NC
Received call the next morning after requesting service by email. Appointment was scheduled within next few days, and verbal estimate provided. Mr Ron Nichols and his worker arrived at the appointed time, He calling to let us know ETA. Very friendly and very professional. What a great job cleaning my fireplaces in a short amount of time. No mess to clean-up required. Made good suggestions on preventive maintenance (pointed out cracks in fireplace and suggested how I repair them, including the products to use and where to get them plus how to use them). Great value; great work and service; Will use him again and will recommend him them to others. Patrick – Durham, NC
I would highly recommend him to others. Ron Nichols is very professional and did an outstanding at our place. Jean Y – Raleigh, NC
Very Crisp Crew, in and out in less than one hour.will have them back to do my air ducts in the fall very very awesome job well done guys will let my friends and neighbors know about you. A big 5 stars to you . thank you… Anne K – Raleigh, NC

Chimney Sweep Cost

How much does the average chimney sweep cost? The answer is dependent on what is being “swept,” cleaned actually, the location of your home, and the shape and size of your chimney and flue. Chimney sweeping is the cleaning of the inside of your chimney, where the smoke travels from your fireplace, stove, or other appliance inside your home to the outside air. The inside walls of the chimney are exposed to the hot gases and smoke from the burning fuel. Over time, the build-up of smoke can result in the collection of a residue, called creosote, on the inside of the chimney walls. As creosote residue builds up, it may take the form of a tar like substance on the inside of your chimney. At this point the creosote is highly flammable and could catch fire; creating a chimney fire that can destroy the chimney and spread throughout the house. Cleaning the chimney removes this residue to maintain the safety and efficiency of your chimney. The chimney sweep price should include not only the removal of the smoke residues, but should also include an inspection for damage such as cracked, broken, or missing tiles, bricks and mortar.

Approximate Chimney Sweep Cost

Chimney sweep cost for an average-size open fireplace and chimney will range from approximately $90 – $200. The chimney sweep price for wood burning stoves (freestanding type) including liners ranges from approximately $100 – $225. Chimney sweep cost for wood burning stove fireplace inserts with liners ranges from approximately $100 – $150.


The approximate chimney sweep costs listed above are for standard conditions. Any situation which deviates from those listed above will usually incur an additional charge. For example, wood burning stove fireplace inserts that do not have full length liners need to be pulled out from the fireplace to provide access to the chimney. This will usually cost $40 to $50 extra. If there are any pipes attached to the insert that need to be removed to be cleaned, it will cost approximately $20 more. If a camera inspection is requested during cleaning this will incur an additional charge of up to $300. Finally, any repairs, extreme residual build-up, unusual sizes or shapes will usually incur an additional charge.


Discounts may be available from some chimney sweeps for a variety of different situations. In areas with particularly snowy winters, chimney sweeps may offer discounts for summer-time cleanings. Homes with multiple chimneys may receive a discount if all are serviced at the same time. Some chimney sweeps offer senior citizen discounts and discounts for repeat customers and others may offer yearly maintenance plans.

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