Chimney Cleaning Dirty Face Cleaner

Chimney Cleaning Dirty Face Cleaner

Chimney Repair and Maintenance

Chimneys take a lot of weathering over time. When used frequently to exhaust home heating emissions from natural gas or oil heat, residue builds up inside the flue chamber. Chimney caps may reduce the amount of debris that can enter the chimney. The chimney will still endure a certain amount of wear and tear from weather and dust particles formed inside the flue. Chimneys for central heating should be inspected annually and repaired as soon as defects are detected. In addition to excess loss of heating fuel inside the home, depending on the type of repair, the chimney may exhaust excessive amounts of heat into outdoor air.

Fireplace Chimney Repair

Fireplaces are lovely accents in a home. Only the best hardwood and fruitwoods should be used as fireplace fuel because these burn cleaner. Coal as a fireplace fuel is also clean burning. Wood and coal can build up creosote in the chimney. The chimney shaft should be inspected and cleaned regularly. Professionals who perform the task of repairing and maintaining chimneys assess damage if any exists. They will recommend a method of repair and outline the type of repair work needed to restore the chimney.

Chimney Repair – How It’s Done
When chimney damage occurs, the first evidence is leaking during rain or snow events. This type of repair requires sealing cracks in the interior as well as the exterior of the chimney. Avoiding repair can be costly and cause further damage to the chimney. Whether cracks appear at the top of the chimney or inside the flue is easily determined by the chimney repair expert. A long tube-like probe is sent into the chimney to determine the extent of the damage. Some of these probes have photo lenses that capture the image of the chimney’s interior and exterior. Once an assessment has been made, an estimate of the work to be done and the cost of repair will be provided. The costs for repair depend on the size and type of chimney.

The Importance of Chimney Repair
As with any other home accents, there is a certain amount of maintenance. Even with regular maintenance, the aging process the chimney endures makes repair necessary eventually. High heat from the fireplace hearth tends to cause a certain weakness in the integrity of the strength of chimney walls over a period of years. If the chimney is located in a climate that subjects it to regular strong winds and high rain, this too has an effect on the structure. The erosion of the chimney materials is part of natural aging. However, when regular fireplace  maintenance and inspections are performed by professionals, much of the initial damage can be averted.

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