The Chimney Sweep – The Tradition Of Providing Safety for your Home Or Business

Think of a Chimney Sweep, and what probably jumps to mind is visions of Bert the Chimney Sweep from Mary Poppins singing and dancing on the rooftop.

But the rich history of the Chimney Sweep goes back much further than Mary Poppins, and is laced with superstition and interesting stories.

Actually, it is one of the oldest jobs around, a service that was as necessary 200 years ago as it is today. Removing the soot and ash from a chimney is vital to the safety of the property. Without this service, dangerous conditions arise, that can lead to serious fires. With coal being a major source of fuel, the danger was increased.

The Chimney of old would often employ small boys to actually climb up the chimney scrubbing and brushing as he went. Often, to ensure the boy would climb all the way up to the roof, a fire was lit in the fireplace giving rise to the term “light a fire under him”.

As laws were enacted, the use of boys to clean out the chimney was outlawed, and more modern methods of brush cleaning started being used.

The vital and important service provided by the Chimney Sweeps made them a very important member of the community, and were often seen as very Lucky. In fact, in Germany, a New Years tradition is the giving of gifts with the image of a Chimney Sweep on it to bring Luck for the New Year.

In England it is very Lucky for a Bride to see a Chimney Sweep on her wedding day. This has led to many Chimney Sweeps being invited to weddings.

A traditional Chimney Sweep would often were black top hat and coat and tails. This is a traditional “look” for the Chimney Sweep. This practice comes from long ago when many Chimney Sweeps received free donated clothing from funeral directors. The Coat and Tails also made a dirty job seem more respectable and proper.

Today’s modern Chimney Sweeps still carry on with the vital and necessary cleaning of chimneys. But many have expanded to preventative maintenance of chimneys, restoration and repair of chimneys, and installing of new chimney liners.

The Chimney Sweep of today, carries on a great tradition, but has expanded the services making them a valuable and necessary service to provide for the safety of today’s modern homes.

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Only one safe way to use your fireplace or wood stove it too have the chimney inspected every season and to take action should it need a chimney cleaning.

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