Many beautiful homes are built with fireplaces; families may also have wood burning stoves in place for extra heating. Stormy winter weather can make these home heating tools indispensable. But these heating elements require maintenance, the qualified persons to do this job is a Chimney Sweep.  Chimney sweep prices will encompass giving a thorough inspection of your chimney and flue to make sure there is no damage, keeping everything in working order.  The charge also includes the cleaning away of debris that has been left by burned material in your chimney.  Prices for cleaning a chimney vary with the size of the job but the average cost is between $90 to $200 dollars.  Wood burning stoves need to be cleaned as well, this carries a price of $100 to $225, and this includes the liner. Wood burning stove fireplaces with inserts carry a chimney sweep price of $100 to $150.

Any additional items carry an extra charge for cleaning, for example; if a wood burning stove, or fireplace requires special cleaning, such as having to be removed from the fireplace for easier cleaning, a fee of $40 to $50 is charged.  If pipes are connected to the inserts that require maintenance there will be an additional fee of $20. In some cases a camera inspection may be needed to insure the safety of the chimney, this chimney sweep price is up to $300. Also add repair work and any excessive cleaning, this will create extra charges.  If the heating elements are of an unusual size or shape the price will vary with additional fees, all charges will be discussed with the client.

Living in areas where the weather gets extremely cold it is wise to have a fireplace and a fire place carries a chimney that has to be cleaned.  The idea of not having any heat in some climates is unthinkable, even for short periods of time.  But with improper maintenance of the chimney a fireplace cannot safely do its job, risking fire or carbon monoxide poisoning due to fuel debris buildup.  The job of a chimney sweep is to clean your chimney of the Creosote along the walls that can cause fires.  In mountainous areas fireplaces are used on a regular basis to supplement heat reducing heating bills. With chimney cleaning, if you have more than one fireplace or stove to be cleaned you may be eligible for discounts. Summertime cleaning may allow for discounts, senior citizen discounts and regular customers on a yearly maintenance plan may also be eligible for discounts, depending upon the chimney sweep hired.  Taking proper care of your heating equipment can help to keep your family safe during the winter season when it is necessary to use stoves and fireplaces.

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Only one safe way to use your fireplace or wood stove it too have the chimney inspected every season and to take action should it need a chimney cleaning.

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