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Creosote Deglazing Before And After Chimney Cleaning and Sweep

Creosote Deglazing Before And After Chimney Cleaning and Sweep Raleigh NC

If you own a fireplace, it is extremely important that you maintain the fireplace in the proper way. All the reasons center upon the life and safety of yourself and your family.

How often you have your chimney cleaned really depends upon how often you use your chimney and what kind of wood you are burning in it. For those of us who live in areas where there is an abundance of softwood trees, like maple and oak, it is always recommended to use this kind of wood for burning. Not only do these woods burn better, but they also do not have as much flammable sap as pine trees and other conifers. In fact, conifers are evolutionary developed to cause a fast and hot fire to enable seed spreading. For this reason, you should avoid them. If you are forced to use conifer wood, you should have your chimney inspected once a year to make sure that there is not heavy build-up inside the cavity, which could cause a devastating chimney fire.

Another reason, and along the same lines, is the fact that if the chimney does not have proper ventilation, many dangerous fumes and gasses could enter your home, and some of them might even be odorless, and therefore, unbeknownst to you. Gasses and fumes can cause suffocation and death if they are not expelled out the chimney in a proper way. You should always make sure that the chimney cavity is clean and clear in order to allow for proper ventilation.

The best reason for cleaning your fireplace is that the wood that you put in your fireplace might be expensive or time-consuming to get. Therefore, it is extremely important that you get as much heat as possible from their burning. If the chimney is not properly ventilated, then the oxygen flow from the room into the fireplace will not be conducive to a clean and hot fire that will save you money on heating, while giving you a warm, comfortable place to sit with your family and relax. You might run into the problem where the wood becomes nothing but hot cinders, which do not throw much heat, or pop and crackle constantly without showing any flame. For this reason, you should always make sure that the flow of air into the fireplace is not impaired by a clogged chimney.

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Only one safe way to use your fireplace or wood stove it too have the chimney inspected every season and to take action should it need a chimney cleaning.

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