Chimney Inspection – How Often Do I Need One?

Chimney Inspection

Expert chimney inspection is important for chimneys for central heating as well as fireplace chimneys. Before engaging a chimney expert, consider how often your chimney is used. This will be a good indication of the number of chimney inspections needed. Also, the volume of fuel used is another indicator of inspection frequency. The age of the chimney is another. Older, more extensively used chimneys require frequent inspections. This is something that can be discussed with the chimney inspection professional.

Planning A Chimney Inspection

Once all of the information is gathered, look for chimney inspectors with a license to perform this type of work. These licensed professionals often offer a minimal amount of insurance if the inspection to be performed is non-standard, for safety reasons or follow-up repair service. They will also present a complete schedule of the areas of the chimney to be inspected as well as the cost estimate. It’s a good idea to have regular chimney inspections so that they can be tracked and reviewed in the event repair becomes necessary.

The Work Of A Chimney Inspector

Depending on the size and type of chimney and the general useage, the work of a chimney inspector is to make determinations of the integrity of the structure, the effect of aging, weather and fuel useage as well as extended quality for future use. The chimney inspection may entail a check of the exterior condition of the chimney for cracks, leaks, etc. These will be noted in the final report that is presented to the chimney owner by the inspector. The inspector will use fairly sophisticated probing devices inside the interior of the chimney to ascertain the status and information that will be contained in the final report. It’s a good idea to keep a record of these reports as a reminder of when the next inspection is likely to be due.

The Value of Regular Chimney Inspections

Clearly, proper maintenance, regular inspections and a reliable, professional chimney expert are essential to prevent dangerous chimney fires, build-up of creosote and other debris from accumulating inside the chimney. In addition to energy savings, a clean, well-maintained chimney increases the value of the home as well as providing efficient operation for central heating systems and fireplaces. Chimney inspections cost much less than repairs that can become aggravated by lack of regular maintenance. The chimney expert can provide detailed information on how often inspections should be performed. For most residential chimneys, at least one inspection a year is necessary. This precludes any unusual conditions that affect normal use. Where such conditions exist, bi-annual inspections may be necessary for proper maintenance. There’s nothing like the security of a chimney that’s clean and safe. This is also true of chimneys supporting central heating systems.

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