Chimney Cleaners and Regular Cleanings

When the winter winds begin to blow, the glow of a fire is the perfect remedy for the blustery chill. Few things compare to a crackling fire to keep a home cozy and warm. With that comfort, however, comes a danger that can build right under the nose of an unsuspecting homeowner.

Each year, many house fires begin in the chimney. Burning wood creates a by-product called creosote that can accumulate and ignite. For this reason, regular chimney maintenance is essential to home safety. A thorough check and a cleaning by a professional chimney cleaner can ensure the risk of fire is kept at a minimum.

An early sign that the chimney is due for a check is smoke pouring into the home when a fire is built. Other dangers can lurk inside the chimney. Birds build nests during warmer months inside a dark flue, creating a further risk of fire. A check by a chimney cleaner at the onset of colder weather is an excellent way to be sure there are no nests or other debris deep inside the chimney.

The use of a chimney cap can prevent bird or other animals from creating a hazard inside the chimney. Chimney caps also work to keep outside debris from accumulating in the flue. Although chimney caps are a good way to prevent problems from building inside the chimney, they should be checked regularly as well. The wire screen that protects the chimney can also collect soot, leaves and other matter and may need to be cleaned.

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, a chimney should be inspected at least one per year for build up. There is no set number of cleanings the CSIA recommends. In other words, the key to chimney safety lies in keeping a watchful eye on the amount of creosote buildup within the chimney, and cleaning accordingly. No more than a quarter inch of accumulation should be allowed to build up inside a chimney. Once this amount of creosote is noticeable, the chimney is overdue for a cleaning. If there is a presence of glaze, the Safety Institute says, a cleaning should be performed even earlier.

Before the first blaze crackles to life, a professional cleaning is a good idea. A regularly scheduled check by a chimney cleaner monthly is a good policy. The warmth and ambience of a glowing fire is hard to beat. For peace of mind, the services of a chimney cleaner are hard to beat as well.

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Only one safe way to use your fireplace or wood stove it too have the chimney inspected every season and to take action should it need a chimney cleaning.

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