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Nothing says home like the crackling warmth of an inviting fire in the fireplace. The scents of the smoke and view of the flames add to the welcoming and homey feel of any room. But using your fireplace responsibly, learning how to clean a chimney and making certain that it is in proper shape and good condition before beginning a season of fire making is a vital part of responsible home maintenance.

While cleaning a chimney can be done easily by hiring a professional, if you use your chimney on a regular basis, a scheduled cleaning done twice a month is recommended. Since a professional chimney cleaning done this often can prove expensive, homeowners may want to learn how to clean a chimney themselves to ensure the safety of their fireplace structure in a more cost effective way.

However cleaning a chimney, while not difficult, can prove to be one of the messiest home maintenance projects an owner can face. Creosote, the smoke residue caked to the inside of a chimney, will need to be scraped away in order to ensure a safe chimney operation.

Creosote is a greasy residue which will require special tools and, sometimes, cleaning agents specially formulated for chimney and fireplace cleaning. Other issues of chimney cleaning involve animals nesting. Birds and other animals have been known to make homes in chimneys making a thorough inspection and, if needed, removal of nesting materials from the area necessary.

The tools you will need include:

• Chimney brush (check size depending on your size chimney opening)
• Ladder
• Rope
• Heavy duty flashlight
• Tarp
• Duct or heavy tape
• Vacuum

Below is a guideline to show you how to clean a chimney and fireplace:

• Inspect the inside using the flashlight. Remove any loose nesting materials and vacuum any ash located inside fireplace.
• Lay vacuum hose inside empty fireplace and seal opening with tarp and tape. Turn on vacuum.
• Stand firmly next to chimney on roof. Insert brush into chimney in a firm up and down motion cleaning sides as the brush moves. If necessary, attach rope to brush for extra reach.
• Repeat twice then inspect again using heavy duty flashlight.
• Remove seal from fireplace inside the house and clean away any loose creosote and ash.

If you are not satisfied with this initial cleaning, these steps may be repeated as needed until all loose ash and creosote is removed from the chimney. Follow all recommended directions, tools and cleaning methods specific to your type of chimney. Learning how to clean a chimney on your own is a cost effective way to keep your fireplace assembly in safe and proper condition.

Off course most people just hiring a professional chimney sweep and save themselves the hassle…

Ron Nichols Here... and thanks for reading my Raleigh Chimney Sweep Blog. I am an expert at cleaning a chimney or fireplace.

Only one safe way to use your fireplace or wood stove it too have the chimney inspected every season and to take action should it need a chimney cleaning.

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